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Madhouse Workshops

Intro to Installation

Course Objectives

The art of installation is all about transforming a space into an immersive atmosphere that takes the viewer on a journey. We will learn what it takes to accomplish this by manipulating materials, objects, and light in order to suggest certain narratives and emotions. We will be working as a team and individually towards a final product that incorporates each participant's creative vision.

By the end of this course you will have experience...

  • Working with a variety of materials

  • drafting and executing an installation plan

  • Collaborating with others

  • Transforming a space

This course meets every Sunday throughout November from 2-4pm at the Madhouse Multi-Arts Creative Workspace at 479 Main St. Weekly meeting schedule below.

A mandatory registration fee of $150 will be requested once the course has reached it's minimum enrollment.

Registration Request Form

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

Course Schedule 

Week 1

We will collaborate on a preliminary installation using a variety of materials that will set the tone for the development of the final installation. Then we will discuss what worked and what didn't during the excersize, what our goals were, what we were thinking about, etc. Then we will talk about how we can improve the installation going forward. 

week 2

We will be working with a set of new materials to each create custom objects which will later be added to the installation. 

week 3

We will install the objects we made during week 2 and experiment with different lighting techniques to add to the installation.

week 4

We will have a critique and receive suggestions from a special guest artist. After this we will implement adjustments based on the feedback.


After the course concludes we will showcase the final installation to friends, family, and community members.

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