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About Madhouse
Madhouse Multi-Arts LLC is a business based in Western MA offering local artists and musicians a host of creative and professional services including personal art studios, rehearsal sessions, workshops, and events.

madhouse building.jpg

Our Mission
Madhouse Multi-Arts is dedicated to providing aspiring creatives with the space, resources, and community they need to reach their creative and professional goals. Our services are intended to support the pursuits of artists and musicians on an individual basis while building a creative community that strengthens the connections of the Western Mass arts scene as a whole. 

The Space
Located at 479 Main St. Greenfield MA, the Madhouse building boasts around 4,000 sqft. of creative space across 3 floors within walking distance of downtown. We are open daily for personal studio use from 7:00 am - midnight. Workshops and events are scheduled on a case to case basis.

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