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   About the Studios
Our personal art studios range in price from $255 to $430 per month. We offer a choice between 6 and 12 month leases. Studios are accessible from 7:00 am to midnight on a daily basis. Below you can browse our studios and submit an application if you find a room you're interested in. In addition to personal studio rentals we also rent out one of our first floor rooms on an hourly basis for workshops and classes.

Studio 3A - Currently unavailable - $355/month


Studio 2B - Currently Unavailable - $355/month

room 3.jpg

Studio 1D - Currently available hourly- $20/hour.

Studio 2C - Currently Unavailable - $280/month


Studio 3C - Currently Unavailable - $355/month

room 1.jpg

Studio 1B - Currently Available - $380/month.

room 4.jpg

Studio 1A - Currently Unavailable- $430/month.

room 7.jpg

Studio 2A - Currently Unavailable - $255/month.


Studio 2D - Currently unavailable - $280/month

room 2.jpg

Studio 1C - Currently Unavailable - $430/month

room 5.HEIC

Studio 2E - Currently Available - $375/month.

Studio 3B.jpg

Studio 3B - Currently unavailable - $280/month.

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