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A celebration of the local music scene

Western Massachusetts has long been a musical destination with a vibrant community of performers, aspiring and established. The Madhouse Local Concert Series seeks to showcase this community while helping aspiring musicians to find their place within it.

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Exploring a new blend of genres every month

Each Madhouse concert is tailored to a different broad musical genre ranging from rock to folk to experimental to name just a few. 

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Developing a pattern of support

At Madhouse, our priority is to create access points where creatives are able to find the support they need to grow their craft. The Madhouse Concert Series accomplishes this by bringing together the aspiring and the experienced to create valuable networking opportunities.


Our vision is that the aspiring musicians who are getting their start through the concert series today will return to the series in the coming years to share their experience and perform alongside the next generation of up and coming musicians.


By fostering this pattern of support within our creative community we can make a difference, not only in the lives of local artists and musicians, but in our local economy as well. 

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