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Madhouse Workshops

Leather workshop poster.png

Course Description

Workshop instructor and Madhouse Co-founder Jackson Williams has always had an appreciation for quality leather apparel. A well made leather jacket, belt, or pair of boots can last a lifetime if maintained and will gradually mold itself to the specific shape of the wearer. This idea of leaving a personal imprint on the items that you carry with you through life has led Jackson to explore further methods of personalization in recent years. During that time he has developed a unique method of leather detailing by combining embossing and leather painting techniques to achieve vibrant and intricate patterns such as the one shown above. With this approach Jackson will demonstrate how you too can take an ordinary leather item and make it even more beautiful and unique!

By the end of this workshop series you will have gained a fundamental grasp of embossing and leather painting techniques and how to use them together to create elegant repeating patterns. Over the course of these workshops each participant will detail a belt similar to the one shown above with a pattern of their own design which they will get to keep after completing the series. 

A mandatory registration fee of $125 will be requested once the course has reached it's minimum enrollment.

All materials will be provided.

This workshop takes place at

479 Main St. Greenfield, MA

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